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decorative finishes

Authentic Venetian Italian Plasters, Distressing, Aging, Gilding, Glazes, Frescoes, Layered Textures, Wood Graining, Layered & Aged Stencils, Modern Finishes, etc.

Glaze is a type of paint mixed with in a medium to create a transparent layer. The base paint and the new glaze combine to create a new effect that is not solid. The way a glaze is applied and manipulated gives it a sense of movement. A glaze can be applied to any surface, walls, trim, ceiling, or floors. Glaze applied over trim (doors, moulding, and windows) can be manipulated to simulate a natural aging process called antiquing.

Aging: We crackle, distress, whitewash, color wash, use tinted varnish and tinted wax to create aged effects to walls, moldings, doors and furniture.

Textural Finishes: Textures come in a wide range and variety. The tools used in applying the textured product vary the look. We can create any type of atmosphere with our textures.

Textural tissue paper: We use tissue paper to create texture and depth. Various glazes can be applied for a stunning textural look.

Metallic Finishes: chemical patinas, faux patinas with bronze and mica powders, verdigris.

Gold Leafing/Gilding: Gold Leafing or Gilding is the timeless art of adhering gold leaf onto surfaces. Gold Leaf is gold hammered into sheets that are much thinner and more delicate than tissue paper. The slightest breeze could blow the leaf out of the artist’s hands making it very difficult to apply. Gold Leaf is adhered to surfaces by applying size (paint that stays tacky like syrup left out so that the gold leaf sticks to surface) which is applied to any surface, and then as it is dried which takes from 3 to 36 hours. As it dries it becomes very tacky, allowing the gold leaf to adhere to the surface.

sample board examples