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metallic plaster & finish examples

what are metallic plasters & finishes?

If you want to give your walls a shimmering look, a metallic paint, glaze, or plaster is the way to go. The walls will sparkle when light hits it.

Similar to metallic paint, metallic plaster is thicker and typically applied with a trowel instead of a roller. The plaster gives you more design options and a wide range of colors. It has a deep luster and offers the shimmering effect of having metal in the finish. The plaster is typically water-based, making cleanup easy.

Metallic finishes bring sparkle, shine and glamour to a host of residential and commercial interior applications.

Metallics can create a sense of luxury or add a note of history and patina

Metallics transcend styles as well, and can be integrated with a myriad of materials and media

Spaces that have more of a glam factor, such as a bedroom, dining room or formal living room, may be perfect for a metallic finish.

don’t be afraid to take a chance on metallics — even if it’s just getting your toes wet.


venetian plaster

& tuscan-style finishes